U.S.-Mexico Risk Taskforce
to Support the Health Supply Chain Systems
for Infrastructure and Workforce
Threatened by the COVID-19 Pandemic


Bayesian Risk
Decision-Making Framework


Binational Taskforce

  • Development and integration of a binational triple-helix binational taskforce comprised of representatives from academia, industry and government, from the U.S. and Mexico.
  • The taskforce will identify the public health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the U.S. – Mexico health supply chain infrastructure systems, while accounting for the inherent cultural regional differences, and by considering the current and emerging regional social, economic and environmental Risks. 

Data-Lake System

  • To facilitate the identification, characterization and modeling of all participating processes posing an existing or potential threat to the health supply chain systems (e.g. COVID-19, seasonal infectious diseases, geopolitics, climate and weather)​.
  • To facilitate the assessment of the current state of vulnerability of the health supply chain systems (e.g. physical and informational systems for procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation of health supplies and services).
  • To facilitate the assessment of social, economic and environmental impacts that may be produced by a likely combination of threats and states of vulnerability of the health supply chain systems (e.g. fatalities, disabilities, hospitalizations, social sentiment, migration, crime, GDP, unemployment, poverty, pollution, etc.).

U.S.-Mexico COVID-19 Risk Bulletin

  • A monthly U.S.-Mexico COVID-19 Risk Bulletin will be jointly produced, to provide scientific, technological, and strategic cultural support to secure the operation of the U.S.-Mexico health supply chain systems.
  • report card grading scheme will be used to define the status of threatssystem vulnerabilities and impacts as these relate to each component of the health supply chain systems. 
  • The bulletin will include a summary of Lessons Learned on the U.S. and Mexico Health systems, to identify best practices that can support the regional economic development. 
  • In  addition, the bulletin will include a section to populate U.S. and Mexican academic, industrial and government agencies vested on each segment of the health supply chain, with the idea of foster collaborations and exchange information that can be established to support the continuous trade operations between U.S. and Mexico.